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HIPAA Training with Certificate

Complete your knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Level: Professional
  • Duration:  110 minutes (23 modules)
  • Video Time:  90 minutes
  • Author: Ryan Coyne

What's included?

This professional training is built to complete our "Free introduction to HIPAA" with 15 additionnal modules
and a Certificate of completion awarded to your name.

For Learners

  • Interactive online training

    We guarantee you an exceptional experience with our interactive course design.
  • Train at your own pace

    Access our training modules whenever you want to learn at your own pace.
  • Test your knowledge

    Take quizzes to assess your level and progress in HIPAA knowledge

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Introduce a new common language

    This free course will help you to introduce a new set of vocabulary into your organization regarding HIPAA compliance.
  • New Staff Onboarding

    This free course will help you to introduce HIPAA compliance concepts for new staff that join your organization.
  • Begin a HIPAA training pilot

    This free course will help you to pilot HIPAA training in your organization before upgrading to the benefits of our Full HIPAA training course. 

Course curriculum


Ryan Coyne

Ryan Coyne is the co-founder of ComplianceJunction.
ComplianceJunction delivers practical online compliance training for HIPAA, HB-300, CyberSecurity, GDPR, and CCPA regulations. We combine high-quality compliance training with up-to-date compliance news and insights to achieve measurable results for our customers.