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HIPAA Compliance Training with a Difference.

Welcome to the most advanced HIPAA compliance training provider on the market. We are dedicated to making our HIPAA compliance training interesting, interactive and memorable. We don’t do BORING! 

HIPAA Training for leaders of the healthcare industry

We work with healthcare organizations that aspire to put patient data privacy at the centre of their operations. 

HIPAA compliance is a moving target. Every healthcare organization needs to keep their staff up to date with the latest changes. That’s why we are constantly improving and updating our training and customer management tools. 

Our mission is to disrupt the HIPAA compliance training market by raising the standard and going way beyond the minimum necessary training required. 

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Full HIPAA Training for Students

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Why choose us as your HIPAA training partner

Dashboards and notifications

We help you to easily keep a close eye on your employees training progress during the year. We also enable regular learning notifications to your staff when required to enhance the overall learner experience.

We focus on your business needs

Our unique approach means we can tailor our HIPAA training services to meet your specific business needs and requirements, giving you the best results possible.

News updates and keeping up-to-date

We make it possible for our customers to easily keep their employees up-to-date on HIPAA regulation changes.   We regularly publish fresh content that clearly illustrates HIPAA breaches and gives practical examples of how to avoid these breach scenarios. 

Continuous R&D

We work closely with our R&D partners around the world to bring our customers the very best  eLearning experience. eLearning technologies are constantly evolving and we work with our R&D partners to bring our customers the very best eLearning experience. 
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Over 10,000 healthcare employees have already enrolled in our HIPAA training service. 

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